What have we been up to this week in Room 105?


Busy as a bee...here are just some of the things we have been busy learning about...

Google Reading Classroom Code: komx57
Google Writing Classroom Code: z4f5166
40 Book Challenge Classroom Code: f2kimee

Unit 1 Module A
Theme: Depending on Each Other
Anchor Text: Night of the Spadefoot Toads

Supporting Texts: "Hatchet" and "Shells"

Google Math Classroom Code: t5kpcy7

In Eureka, we are currently working on Module 1: Place Value and Decimal Fractions

How can I approach homework with my child and my child's teacher?

Eureka Parent Support Page

Eureka Math Homework Help
This site has links for our grade specific different modules. There you can find the homework pages, as well as videos that briefly describe how to complete some of the problems. What a valuable resource that can be used to help our children soar with success through the Eureka curriculum!

Please check our Math Google Classroom for the Google Slides from class (class code: t5kpcy7). They may be able to help you review the lesson and complete your homework!

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Google Science Classroom Code: 4xxebu

We are currently learning about Ecosystems!

To access the science textbook at home, please click on the picture below.


Username: UpperDublin5
Password: Student5

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