Stories for this Week

Currently, we are reading...
"Everglades" as a whole class.

<-- Click on the book to find more stories that go along with the theme and contain the same vocabulary.
These stories are enjoyed by students because the stories read to you and can be printed out for you to take anywhere!

Featured stories:
"Exploring the Everglades"
"Alligators and the Everglades"Majority Stoneman Douglas: Champion of the Everglades"
How to access these stories online:

Click on the picture of the book above. Enter the username and password listed below. After logging in, click on "Harcourt Readers Online". Click on the drop down box and select either Grade 4 or 5. Then, select Trophies National 2007 as the program. Finally, hit the orange "Search" button and a list of stories should appear. Search for the titles listed for the week in green and have fun listening to a great story!

Username: ctorresani
Password: school